Bowls Etiquette

Etiquette and the Sport of Lawn Bowls

 Etiquette is about good manners and a code of behaviour whereby individuals treat one another the way they would themselves expect to be treated. Some of the common etiquettes for the sport of bowls include:

 Wear appropriate footwear (flat soled shoes)

  • Avoid dumping bowls on to the green surface as this can damage the surface
  • Avoid leaving the rink for long periods of time
  • Avoid resting feet on the plinth
  • Avoid straying on to neighbouring rinks
  • Hand bowls to one another when convenient
  • Avoid distracting players on neighbouring rinks
  • Share the task of kicking bowls after the completion of an end
  • Avoid distracting players whilst a player is on the mat preparing for delivery
  • Refrain from interfering with the head until the result of an end has been agreed upon
  • Shake hands at the start and end of the game
  • Collect all mats and jacks and return to the usual distribution point.

 Tips for New Bowlers

 The first tip is to enjoy your bowls. There are many different coaching contacts if you intend to join the club or just be more competitive. Now here are a few tips for the bowler who wants to enjoy, but doesn't want to be embarrassed.

  • If you are off the bowling mat be yourself. If you are on the mat: concentrate.
  • Be confident. Someone who is sure they can do something is better than someone who is sure they cannot.
  • Control. All bowlers from amateur to pro deal with the same predicament— to try to make your next bowl better than your last. Be logical. Too hard: bowl softer. To wide: bowl narrower …and so on.
  • Visualize your bowl bending (be assured it will bend).
  • Each bowl has a large and small symbol on each side—the bowl bends towards the small symbol. Make a habit to check each time.
  • Try not to bowl with your palm, bowl with your fingers.
  • Keep it simple. Strive for consistency.
  • Relax. Don't be nervous.

We hope our hints are helpful and don't forget our first tip - Enjoy.